Maybe you don’t need a hearing aid just yet, but are having a specific problem such as hearing the doorbell. And there are also many difficult listening situations for people with hearing loss that even well-fit hearing aids and the highest technology available simply can’t solve completely.

Come and talk with our staff about your particular needs. We have a selection of alarm clocks, alerting and flashing systems, cleaning tools, hearing aid batteries, devices to dry your hearing aids and information on amplified telephones. There is also a TV listening display area so you can experience listening to music or a television program right here in the office.




Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers designed to remove moisture from your hearing aids



Audiologist’s Choice Earwax Removal drops



Audiologist’s Choice Anti-Itch Cream



Miracell ProEar  — helps stop itching ears, softs ear wax, soothes irritations and sores


cleaner kit

Hearing Aid Maintenance Kits



Hearing Aid Batteries



Ear Planes  — negate the painful effects of cabin pressure changes



Mack’s Pillow Soft Earplugs



AudioWipes – cleans hearing aids, headphones, earmolds, ear inserts, assistive listening devices